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Carroll County to Participate in School Safety Summit

This week, approximately 250 educators in the Carroll County School System will prepare for worst case scenarios in school security. They will attend the sixth annual School Safety Summit hosted by the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office as well as numerous other first responders.

Assistant Superintendent of schools, Terry Jones said it is important for school officials to develop a relationship with those who would be responding to a security threat at our local schools.

“This gives our schools an opportunity to train with first responders and to work through different scenarios. It is rare when school systems get the opportunity to train directly with first responders and law enforcement officers that would be responding to a situation if something did happen,” said Jones. “That is what makes this such a unique training experience for all of our schools and one that we feel like is extremely valuable.”

Each summit has focused on a security concern that has already happened at another school district.

“We take a very close look at what happened and how the school staff and first responders, responded to the situation,” stated Jones. “What we try to glean from that is, what are some things that we could change? What are some mistakes that were made that we can learn from? What were some things that they did really well? A part of that summit is used to make adjustments to our plans and talk about some of those changes.”

The School Safety Summit is planned for Friday morning at the Carroll County Ag Center.


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