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Carroll County Solicitor To Retire

Carroll County waits to hear Governor Brian Kemp’s appointment for the interim solicitor of the state court. Current solicitor, Doug Vassy announced his retirement after more than a decade on the job.

“The Governor will appoint someone to fill the unexpired term and then the person gets that position, I have recommended that my chief assistant Becky Jackson be appointed,” said Vassy. “A notice will go out and the governor will appoint someone. That person will have to run for office in 2020.”

Vassy, 74, told WLBB radio on Wednesday that he looks forward to spending more time with his family.

“I have enjoyed serving the people of Carroll County for ten years in this job. I was previously a partner with Tisinger Vance for a number of years and had my own private practice before that. It is a family decision. I have been practicing law for over 45 years and it is just time for me to consider retirement and I have decided to do that.”

Vassy is the scheduled guest for Friday’s WLBB community voice program at 8:30 on Newstalk 1330/ FM 106.3.


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