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Carroll County Sets Record For Employment Last Month

Carroll County set records in July for growing its labor force as well as the number of employed residents. At the same time, the county saw its unemployment rate fall to 4.1%.


“Now the numbers behind that rate increase are some very good numbers. Even though we did see a slight increase in initial claims for unemployment insurance, most of those are going to be of the temporary nature. A lot of the individuals are already back to work,” said Butler. “We did however see the individuals in the labor force. These are individuals who had previously not been looking for jobs in Carroll County. We saw that number increase by about 160 people.”


On Thursday, Georgia Labor Commissioner, Mark Butler said that the labor force, which is the number of people able to seek work, increased to reach 56,588 total members. This is an all-time high for Carroll County.


“The good news from that is that these individuals are successful in their job hunt. We saw over 300 individuals actually gain employment during the month of July, which brought the total number of employed in Carroll County to an all time record. It is very good news for Carroll County,“ said Butler.


Employ Georgia, the GDOL’s online job listing service at showed 318 active job postings in Carroll County for July.


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