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Carroll County Schools Superintendent Discusses Acquisition of New Property

The Carroll County school board approved a close to $1 million purchase of a property adjacent to the Performing Arts Center off the bypass in Carrollton. The property at 801 Newnan road is the former site of Ken Adams State Farm. Adams passed away in August of 2018.

Carroll County Schools Superintendent, Scott Cowart discussed the future use of the land:

“When we recognized that there was an opportunity for this property adjacent to our performing arts center, it made a lot of sense for us to look into it. It offers us the opportunity to expand our district offices. We have a lot of trailers behind our current board office and we will be able to move folks into this building and it will give us some room for growth. Additionally, it will give us some space so we can do a lot of our professional learning there, instead of having to farm it out. It is a good opportunity for our board and it is also really close to our current facilities.”

The district is using money collected through the E-SPLOST for the purchase.

“The exciting news for us right now is our SPLOST collection has been up for the last six months. It makes it very doable for us,” said Cowart.

The purchased property also contains an advertising billboard, which Cowart said the district will discuss how to make use of.


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