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Carroll County Schools Preliminary Data Discussed at Recent BOE Meeting

Carroll County School officials plan to release official detailed achievement data for each of the district’s schools from 2017-2018, later this month.

But on Monday, the Director of Elementary and Middle School Education, Jennifer Shirley did state that Carroll County district elementary schools exceeded state results in 83% of possible areas in end of grade testing. The district’s middle schools improved in 65% of end of grade areas and high schools had an average estimated 90% graduation rate for 2018.

“For elementary schools over the past five years, we have been leading the state. We’ve been leading surrounding districts and again this year, we are exceeding the state in all academic areas on the Georgia milestones,” said Shirley. “The middle schools have been an area over the last couple of years that we have been focusing a lot of attention to. We haven’t gotten a lot of traction but this year we are seeing the fruit of those labors. We have seven out of eight of our subject areas exceeding the state and seven out of eight improving over last year.”

Shirley said accumulated achievement data suggests that the Carroll County district is ranked in the top 18% of school districts in the state of Georgia.


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