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Carroll County Property Taxes Due Next Week

Carroll County property owners now have one week to pay their property taxes for 2018. The initial due date of December 1 was moved up to December 4 after a printing error delayed the distribution of bills this past fall. According to Tax Commissioner Vickie Bearden, those who miss the deadline will face penalties.

“Interest is added every month and after ninety days there is a penalty added. It is a 5% penalty and a 5% penalty is added every 120 days, up to 20%. The sooner you get it paid the less extra that you will be paying,” said Bearden. “Liens are always filed sometime in August, so if you don’t get it paid by August then a lien will be filed against the property.”

Bearden said typically, between 80% to 90% of property owners pay their taxes on time. Those who cannot pay on time, can opt to make monthly payments if necessary.

“They can make payments if they would like to make a partial payment. Something is better than nothing so pay what you can. Try to make some payments and your interest is only charged on the unpaid balance,” Bearden told WLBB radio.

Bearden said with all of the payments coming in at once, tax officials will be very busy. It may take up to two weeks for some tax payers to see the money removed from their bank accounts or charged to their credit cards.


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