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Carroll County Passes New Pedestrian Restrictions

Pedestrians will now be banned from being within 200 feet of ten of Carroll County’s busiest intersections.

On Tuesday, The Carroll County Board of Commissioners agreed to a new ordinance to keep pedestrians from enteringor staying upon restricted intersections.

 “We drafted this proposed ordinances at the specified intersections to limit the pedestrian activity at those within 200 feet of the intersection. They may not approach any vehicle in operation or on the side of the road and that no person shall be in the median of a restricted intersection unless they are crossing the road in a safety zone or crosswalk or otherwise legal manner,” Carroll County’s Attorney Stacey Blackmon told commissioners.

Blackmon said the ordinance is intended for the safety of pedestrians as well as vehicle drivers and their passengers. She said the ordinance follows concerns from numerous residents.

 “The penalty is not less than $25 and no more than $300 for each violation,” continued Blackmon.

 The new ordinance affects the following intersections:

·         Three intersections on US Highway 27

·         The Highway 113 intersection with Linda Lane and Northside drive

·         The Maple Street intersection of Highway 166 and the Highway 166 bypass

·         Four intersections on Georgia Highway 61

·         The South Van Wert Road and North East Hickory Level Road intersection.


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