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Carroll County Man Jailed After Threatening to Shoot State & Local Officers

Bond has been denied for a 57-year old Roopville man facing eight charges of aggravated assault against a law enforcement officer following an armed standoff over the weekend.

It is fortunate that neither he nor local law enforcement suffered serious injury.

According to the Carroll County Sheriff’s Deputy report, last Friday evening around 8:00, multiple officers responded to 558 Craven Road in Roopville in reference to shots fired.

Two witnesses claimed that they had seen John Belcher walking around yelling, cursing, and shooting a 22-caliber revolver in different directions, including towards a nearby occupied residence.

Deputies several times attempted to communicate with the suspect via PA systems on their patrol vehicles.

A short time after determining that Belcher may have fled his home via the back door, deputies were notified by Georgia State Police that they had found Belcher in a wooded area of the 400 block of Craven Road.

Belcher was allegedly armed, and as deputies arrived, they entered an armed stand-off with the suspect and advised him to put his gun down and step out of the woods.

Belcher repeatedly ignored commands and waved a revolver around while yelling that he would shoot law enforcement, according to the report. Deputies say at one point, Belcher asked officers if they “had armor around their genitals because he was going to shoot them in the dick.”

Belcher allegedly cocked the hammer on his gun multiple times as he paced.

The suspect eventually left the woods but refused to put the gun down.

A short time later, two officers fired their tasers which struck Belcher. He fell to the ground and officers gained control of the revolver and placed the suspect in handcuffs.

Investigators recovered the weapon – a .22-caliber Heritage Rough Rider Revolver, along with two hundred and forty-five live rounds of ammunition.

Belcher was out on bond at the time of his arrest for the aggravated assault charges. He had been charged with possession of methamphetamine in July of this year.


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