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Carroll County Jury Finds Defendant Kenneth Phillips Guilty In Domestic Violence Case

A Carroll County jury has convicted Kenneth Lee Phillips, 43, of Carrollton, of Aggravated Assault, Aggravated Assault – Family Violence, and Battery – Family Violence for strangling and beating a woman who was then his girlfriend. Superior Court Judge Dennis Blackmon sentenced Phillips to 40 years in prison without the possibility of parole. The Defendant was sentenced without parole because of his substantial criminal history, which includes over 30 arrests since 1998 and 5 prior felony convictions.

Assistant District Attorneys Matthew Moore and Caley McDonald and DA Investigator Shannon Bramblett prosecuted the case. Sgt. Christopher with the Carrollton Police Department led the investigation, which revealed the following:

On March 5, 2021, Carrollton Police Department officers responded to Bankhead Beverage on Bankhead Highway in Carrollton in response to a call about a man beating a woman. By the time officers arrived, the Defendant had fled the scene, but officers met with the victim, who had injuries and dried blood on her arms. Officers obtained store surveillance video that showed the Defendant putting the victim in a chokehold, beating her, and body slamming her to the pavement.

That same day, Carroll County Sheriff’s Office Deputies located the Defendant in Carroll County and notified Carrollton Police Department. When speaking to law enforcement, the Defendant denied any wrongdoing and instead blamed the victim. Based on the evidence gathered at the scene, Carrollton Police Department arrested the Defendant.

At trial, the State presented the surveillance video as well as evidence of prior instances of abuse committed by the Defendant on the same victim. The Defendant insisted on representing himself during the trial, which was his right. Consequently, the Defendant had a right to cross-examine the victim personally. As difficult as it was to face her abuser and be questioned by him, the victim courageously took the stand and told the truth.

The District Attorney Office stated: “With its verdict, this juror has made clear that the people of Carroll County will not tolerate domestic violence. For his repeated violent abuse of this victim, his refusal to take responsibility for it, and his life of criminal behavior, it is just that this Defendant serve the next 40 years in prison without the possibility of parole.”


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