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Carroll County Jury finds 19 year old Carrollton Man Guilty on Aggravated Sexual Battery, Sexual Battery (Against a child under the age of 16), and four counts of Child Molestation

Michael Jacob Brantley’s case was heard before the Honorable Superior Court Judge Dusty Hightower and was successfully prosecuted by Carroll County Sheriff’s Office, Sgt. Kim Hope and the District Attorney’s Office, ADA Caley McDonald during a three day trial that ended with a jury finding Brantley guilty of the above six charges on June 14, 2023.

The Carroll County Sheriff’s Office began their investigation on Brantley after receiving a DFCS referral on October 26, 2021 regarding allegations of child molestation. During the investigation Forensic Interviews were conducted with the 11 year old male and 12 year old female victim’s at the Carroll County Child Advocacy Center. Both victim’s disclosed of Brantley having exposed himself to them, touching them inappropriately, and of Brantley having masturbated in their presence at Brantley’s residence in 2021. Sgt. Hope conducted many interviews with multiple parties during the course of the investigation with where she learned of Brantley having been disciplined in school due to inappropriate touching of females and making inappropriate comments to both students and teachers. Interviews were also conducted later with school personnel as well as Brantley’s family, and later with Brantley. Sgt. Hope later obtained arrest warrants for Brantley for five counts of Child Molestation and one count of Sexual Battery. Search Warrants were also secured for Brantley’s school records, residence (where the offense’s had taken place), and cell phone (upon his arrest). Brantley’s case would later go before the Grand Jury for Indictment where probable cause was found for Aggravated Sexual Battery, Sexual Battery, and four counts of Child Molestation.

“I am proud of the hard work conducted by our Criminal Investigations Division daily, and the passion they have to protect children within our community when something of this magnitude has happened to them. Sgt. Hope and her team did an excellent job of conducting a thorough investigation, gathering evidence, and securing a successful conviction in this case where Brantley will never be able to harm another child.” Sheriff Terry Langley said in a statement.

Brantley will be sentenced in Superior Court on July 24, 2023 where he faces possible life plus 88 years.


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