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Carroll County Elections Office Brings In Some Help To Process Extraordinary Amount Of Absentee Ballot Requests

As of Tuesday, the Carroll County Elections Office had already received close to 3,500 completed requests for an absentee ballot from active voters. About 2,000 of those have been processed.

The state began mailing absentee ballot request forms to all active voters in the state last week.

Voters wanting an absentee ballot are to fill those out and return them to the county elections office. Local elections officials provide the voter information to the state, who has hired a third-party to then, mail the May 19th Election Day ballot to the qualified voter. The ballot will be a combination State Primary/ Presidential Primary ballot unless the resident already voted in the March 24th Presidential Primary. The voter will then return their completed ballot to the local elections office.

Carroll County Elections Supervisor Greg Rigby told WLBB Radio this week that the county Parks & Rec department has offered a pair of staff members to assist with the processing of the absentee ballot requests. Rigby expects those requests could reach as high 30 to 40-thousand, which is approximately half of Carroll County’s registered voters.

Rigby says he expects that actual ballots could be mailed out to for voters as soon as next week.


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