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Carroll County Commission Changes Up Meeting Room

Carroll County’s new Commission Chairman, Michelle Morgan, admits that one of her first moves as chairman is not “earth-shattering” and will likely not draw a lot of attention. However, she said it is a change she believes will result in a more positive experience for constituents when they address the board during public meetings.

“Having been someone who has gone before the board of commissioners, I understand that if you are not used to speaking behind a microphone which many of us aren’t, It can be very unsettling,” said Morgan.

“So the desk and the chairs that we sit in are on risers. We were able to take the risers down and move the commission chairs and commission desks. We are now sitting eye level with the constituents. I think it is going to be a much better process for those who come before us.”

Removing the risers and bringing the board down to an equal level with the audience and speakers removes the image that one is speaking up to their public servants or being looked down or spoken down to.

“As far as rearranging the commission chambers, I know that may not sound like a big thing, but maybe it is my retail experience, all these years of working at McDonald’s or the book store or the convenience store. You want a pleasant experience when you are in retail and I feel like government should be the same way. It should be a pleasant experience.”

The new Carroll County Board of Commissioners and Chairman meet publicly for the first time during a work session today.


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