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Carroll County Chief Appraiser says County will likely avoid penalties after appeal of State Department of Audits ruling falls in County’s favor

In September of this year, the Carroll County Board of Commissioners approved Chief Appraiser Hubert Sparks’ request to appeal the State Department of Audits’ determination that the assessed property values in the County are not high enough.

The county was facing a penalty because the Department of Audits had determined that property assessments in the County were too low and not in compliance with the guidelines set by the State of Georgia.

The Department of Audits also determined in 2023 that the property valuations in 117 out of 159 counties (73.6%) were undervalued based on the guidelines set by the State.

Just as homeowners can appeal the value of their property set by the County Board of Tax Assessors, Carroll County can appeal the Department of Audits determination.

Carroll County Chief Appraiser Hubert Sparks explained the process and the results to WLBB Radio this week.






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