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Carroll County BOE To Update School Security

“I’m very proud of where we are as a district in regards to putting our student and staff safety first. It is our top priority here in the Carroll County School System. With that said, there is obviously more that we can do to make our schools and facilities even safer,” said Assistant Superintendent Terry Jones. He spoke to members of the Carroll County School Board on Monday. This was their first work session following the school tragedy in Florida last month.

Jones discussed current safety measures and outlined several safety improvements planned for the coming months within the district. At the meeting, the school board approved funding for a new shields security system at Bowdon Middle and Sharp Creek Elementary. The school’s were next in line to take part in the program but the board yesterday moved up the time-line for the project.

Jones on the new security system: “The Shield system is a security system that gives the administration as well as the front office area the ability to lock down the school at any given moment. They can lock down individual halls or doorways and it is used in the event that there was an intruder that came into the building. They can isolate that intruder and slow him down until first responders are able to get on scene.”

Shield projects are now approved or have been installed at six Carroll County district schools.

Shield installation should be complete at Glanton Hindsman Elementary by the end of the current school year.


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