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Carroll County Board of Commissioners Release Draft of Proposed Redistricting Map of Carroll County Commission Districts

(Carroll County, GA) Chairman Michelle Morgan, along with the Carroll County Board of Commissioners, releases a draft of the proposed redistricting map of the Carroll County Commission Districts.

Redistricting occurs at all levels of election districts from the U.S. House down to local levels. Redistricting occurs every ten years to account for population shifts reflected in the U.S. Census. Our new resident population total is 119,148 and because we grew by 8,621 citizens, each of the six commission districts will need to adjust to ensure the number of citizens in each district is as close to equal as possible. The districts have been redrawn to include approximately 19,000 citizens in each district. There are many other factors considered in the redistricting process and all changes to districts must comply with the federal and state law, including the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

Chairman Michelle Morgan is very thankful to Carroll County’s legislative sponsor, Senator Mike Dugan along with other members of our local legislative body for offering the resources of the Legislative and Congressional Reapportionment Office to prepare the map in accordance with federal and state guidelines. The Board of Commissioners wants the process to be transparent. The draft of the proposed redistricting map is now available on the County’s website,

Beginning Monday, November 8th through Sunday, November 14th, the proposed redistricting map will be on display for the public to view on a larger scale at all public libraries throughout Carroll County, including Carrollton, Whitesburg, Bowdon, Mt. Zion, Temple, and Villa Rica. The map will also be displayed at the Roopville Stage/Pavilion, the Carroll County Board of Elections Office, the Carroll County Board of Commissioners Office in the Historic Court House, and the AG Center. The proposed redistricting map will be discussed at the December 2, 2021, work session held in the Historic Court House at 4pm, and the Board of Commissioners will vote on the proposed redistricting map at their regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday, December 7, 2021, held in the Historic Court House at 6pm. The approved redistricting map will be sent to Senator Mike Dugan to present to the General Assembly during the 2022 legislative session.

We welcome input from our citizens. Please email Donna Lackey, Executive Director/County Clerk at or Chairman Michelle Morgan at, or contact them by phone at 770-830-5800 with any questions or concerns you may have. Public input must be received no later than Sunday, November 21, 2021.

**It should be noted this map is a DRAFT ONLY of Carroll County Commissioner Districts. This map does not include city or school board information, whose maps are drawn separately. We suggest reaching out to your respective city or school board officials for more information regarding the drafts of their redistricting maps.**


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