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Carroll County Animal Shelter Harbors Pets Affected By Hurricane Michael

Approximately 130 cats and dogs that were displaced when their shelter in Bainbridge, Georgia was destroyed during Hurricane Michael are now lodged in the Carroll County Animal Shelter.

“We are partners with the Best Friends Animal Society in Atlanta. I called them and asked what we could we do to help the animals in Panama City Beach, and they said that they had two shelters right on the Florida line that were blown away. They have no food, no water, no electricity and no shelter, and they have animals in their shelter,” said Carroll County Animal Shelter Director Lisa Barrett. “Best friends transported them from the Bainbridge Animal Shelter. We just couldn’t leave them down there. Our part was to help.”

Barrett said a request for action over the weekend has resulted in many west Georgians offering donations of food and toys, as well as of time to walk and occupy the new boarders.

Barrett said additional help is needed:

“We are going to need extra food, blankets, leashes, volunteers to come and walk them because  they are in crates and do need to be walked 45 minutes to an hour every day. Also just socialize and play with them and making them feel at home.”

Barrett said the shelter plans for a big adoption event later this week to find homes for the new tenants and discussed perhaps removing adoption fees and including free leashes or collars with each adoption.


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