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Carroll County – Drug Overdose Numbers Highest In State In September

The State Department Of Public Health shared statistics with WLBB Radio Monday which show that urgent care facilities in Carroll County recorded more drug-overdose early-detection visits per 100,000 people than in any other county in the state of Georgia during the month of September.

Carroll’s number per 100,000 residents was 37. The next closest was Bibb county, with 30 per 100k.

Available statistics did not suggest a number of people who did not survive following treatment. Carroll County Coroner Keith Hancock said Monday that cause-of-death-investigations can sometimes take up to 90 days for confirmation. So, an accurate number of deaths caused by drug overdose in Carroll County during the month of September, may not yet be available.

Carroll County has approximately 118,000 residents, but we can consider that some of the urgent care visits may have been by people who reside outside of Carroll County.

An “overdose” in this most recent study could be the result of an over-the-counter drug, prescription drug, or illicit drug.



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