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Carroll County’s Tax Digest Released

Carroll County’s latest tax digest is up less than 1% from the previous year, announced Carroll County’s Tax Commissioner, Vickie Bearden, announced on Monday.

Everything in Carroll County was reportedly worth approximately $2.79 billion.

“The digest is the value of everything in the county, real, personal and motor vehicles. Any kind of property areas, that is all values in Carroll County. So the county has to take that value and they divide by the budget to see what their millage rate needs to be to cover that amount,” said Bearden.

Bearden said based on the latest tax digest figures, schools and government will be encouraged by the state to lower their millage rates, albeit slightly.

Keeping their millage rates the same would result in the schools and government to collect a slightly higher amount of revenue. Although, not every property owner would be paying additional tax. Maintaining the millage rate would however, be considered a “tax increase” by the state, because the school or government did not approve the suggested roll-back-rate.


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