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Carroll Connection Will Be Highlighted As A Model For County-Wide Transportation Services

The state of Georgia is looking at Carroll County’s transportation system — now  in its second year of operation — as a model for other counties to consider following should they implement a transit service of their own.

The Georgia Department of Transportation has told Carroll County government of plans to spotlight Carroll County in a promotional video as part of GDOT’s statewide transit plan.

Carroll County Commission Chairman Michelle Morgan:

“They love our Carroll Connection branding, especially the icons that show that the transit system is for everyone: medical, employment and education. It’s just not your generic van going around.”

The county has recently released data pertaining to usage of the rural transit system for its first year. The six vehicles in operation made a total number of 15,332 trips and drove more than 120,000 miles in Carroll County. Each trip averaged to approximately eight miles.

Most surprisingly, according to Morgan, was who used the service most. An astounding 44% of the trips taken related to education.

“We had our expectations. We were pretty certain that it was going to be medical. That was one of the reasons, when we did the study and put that committee together to go out and gather who needed the rides and what the rides were for. We knew medical was going to be a major player. But the educational piece was a great surprise to me because it just shows that people are continuing their education so that they can get a better job or get a job to begin with,” said Morgan.

Trips were used for medical purposes and by seniors 15% of the time each. Employment accounted for 10% of the trips and riders used the service for social reasons or personal reasons, both under 10% of the time.


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