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Carroll Co. School System Graduation Rate at 94 percent

October 6, 2022 – For the fifth year in a row, over 90 percent of seniors in the Carroll County School System graduated last year. Official graduation rates released today by the Georgia Department of Education show 94 percent of Carroll County Schools seniors graduated, and all five high schools in the system have school graduation rates above 90 percent as well.

    Bowdon High School – 95.15 percent graduation rate

    Central High School – 98.51 percent graduation rate

    Mount Zion High School – 93.33 percent graduation rate

    Temple High School – 91.67 percent graduation rate

    Villa Rica High School – 91.44 percent graduation rate

The state average for all districts is 84.1 percent. Among the 20 school districts in the state with five or more high schools, Carroll County’s graduation rate ranks 2nd behind Forsyth County.

“We are extremely proud of our students, teachers and leaders across the county for these excellent results,” Carroll County Schools Superintendent Scott Cowart said. “This success is a direct reflection of our commitment to focus on the future.”

Cowart said the district is guiding each student to think beyond graduation.

“Graduation is a significant milestone for each student,” he said. “We work toward that and push toward it, but it’s not the end. We want each student to have a plan for what comes next after graduation, and we want them all to be enrolled, employed, or enlisted and engaged in their community.”

System Director of High Schools and Middle Schools Dr. Travis Thomas said while the schools are competitive with each other, they collaborate to share what works across the county.

“Our district alignment encourages principals and other leaders to learn from each other,” Thomas said. “We continue to see this high achievement because our schools share plans and strategies to help ensure that we are all successful.”

“Our schools are committed to offering many pathways for students to graduation and beyond,” he said. “Whether a student wants advanced placement classes, college dual enrollment, hands-on training in a high-skill career or preparation for military service, we offer a range of choices to focus them on their future.”

Carroll County Schools is a leader in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education at all grade levels with more nationally STEM-certified schools than any other district in the state. The system also offers two college and career academy campuses to serve students throughout the county.

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This media release was provided by the Carroll County Schools District


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