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Cagle Campaigns in Carrollton

Sitting Lt. Governor and Republican Gubernatorial candidate, Casey Cagle is on the campaign trail this week and stopped in Carrollton on Tuesday to present his pro-business agenda to supporters at the Maple Street Diner.

“I will tell you that the 500,000 jobs that I have committed to in the first four years, we are going to make that happen,” said Cagle. “We are going to put economic development liaisons at every single agency to cut back bureaucracy and regulations where we can get focused on the permitting process and seamlessly work together to help businesses grow.”

Cagle said in order to grow in the industry of technology the issue of rural broadband must be addressed.

“We are no longer bound by bricks and mortar anymore in our economy. We can do business anywhere in the world from any corner in our state, if we have access to that broadband. I want to be a governor that is focused on building that broadband and building economic prosperity, particularly in the rural community.”

Cagle believes that a partnership between the private and public sector would be needed to accomplish this goal of broadband for all of Georgia.

Another factor that will affect Georgia business during the next term of governor is growth. Georgia is expected to grow by more than 4.5 million people in the next fifteen years. Cagle said infrastructure must be developed to support this boom.

“It really does excite me as governor to be in a position to not just simply plan but to shape what that growth is going to look like across our state. In order to do that we are going to have to have the infrastructure, the roads and the bridges, prepared and ready to absorb that kind of growth. That excites me. We are going to have to think outside the box.”

Cagle said new roadways in the future could include elevated road systems and even a tunnel under Atlanta to ease congestion on the downtown connector.

Cagle’s name will be seen amongst many others on the May 22nd Republican Primary


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