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Buchanan man charged with aggravated assault

On Tuesday, August 22, 2023, deputies were dispatched to the 5900 block of Highway 120 in reference to a domestic dispute. On arrival, deputies tried to approach a male subject behind a home, but he would not let them get close. The male was armed with a gun and was threatening to shoot deputies, but never raised his weapon to point it in their direction. Deputies set up a perimeter at the location and the male, later identified as Thad Cheatwood, went into a building behind that home and would not come out. Deputies spoke to family members who advised that the male had made threats to kill them and that he was having issues and needed help.  

     Sheriff Stacy Williams, members of the Criminal Investigative and Special Operations Division all arrived on scene and set up a perimeter on the building. Sheriff Williams obtained Cheatwood’s cell phone number and began a dialogue with him to try to get him out of the building. Sheriff Williams walked up to the building where Mr. Cheatwood was located and while outside the structure, he talked to Mr. Cheatwood through an open window. Sheriff Williams was able to get Cheatwood to set down the weapon and come to the door and talk to him. While Chetwood was at the door, Sheriff Williams motioned for deputies to get in position closer to the door. When Cheatwood turned back towards the inside of the building, Sheriff Williams and deputies were able to take him down and arrest him without any further incident. During a protective sweep of the building, two rifles, a shotgun and a small amount of marijuana were located inside the building where Cheatwood had been. 

     “This was a bad situation that could have gotten so much worse,” states Sheriff Stacy Williams. “When someone is in that bad of a headspace, the situation could have turned deadly, not only for the one in mental crisis, but for the deputies as well. Our goal was for no one to get injured or for this incident to turn into a deadly force situation. This situation shows how important all training is, but especially Crisis Intervention Training (CIT). Unfortunately, in this case, Mr. Cheatwood did violate multiple laws, so he will face charges in this incident. My hope is that he will get the help he needs. Our prayers go out to Mr. Cheatwood, as well as his family.”

     James Thad Cheatwood, a 54-year-old W/M out of Buchanan GA has been booked into the Haralson County Detention Center for Aggravated Assault (FV), Possession of a Firearm during the Commission of a Felony, Exploitation and Intimidation of an Elder Person (FV), Possession of Marijana-Less than an Ounce and seven counts of Terroristic Threats and Acts with two of these acts being Family Violence related. Nothing further at this time.  


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