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Bremen School System Looks To Update Security

The prospect of additional revenue is allowing Bremen City Schools to propose a number of on-campus security and technology upgrades in the 2018-2019 budget, which is expected to be approved.

“The governor has restored the austerity cuts, so for us that is an additional $230,000. That definitely helped. We are seeing some growth in our local tax digest,” said Bremen City Schools Superintendent David Hicks. “The economy continues to perform well, so we are seeing some growth there. We are keeping the millage rate the same. Its generated more money because the values have picked up.”

The top request in the coming year’s budget is for additional classroom personnel to help meet student enrollment growth and student needs. That is followed closely by security upgrades.

“We have invested in buzz in systems with cameras at every main entrance at every school. We are making some pretty significant changes at Jones Elementary. The building is a little older and wasn’t really designed with safety in mind. We are moving some walls and changing the entrance and making it more streamlined. We are also upgrading our camera systems throughout the school system. Not only can we see clearly from the monitor but law enforcement would have the ability to pull up the camera system.”

The Bremen School Board tentatively approved the 18-19 budget last Thursday. The next public hearing on the budget is scheduled for next Monday, followed by finalizing the plan on June 15th.


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