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Bremen Man arrested after allegedly threatening to kill deputies

On Tuesday, March 19, 2024, a deputy met with a complainant in the lobby of the Sheriff’s Office. The complainant had filed and received an eviction a week prior on a tenant who was refusing to vacate. The complainant also had an order to remove the evicted tenant and had gone to the courthouse, but due to court proceedings in progress, the Civil Division did not have a deputy to go out and enforce the eviction that morning. Patrol deputies advised the complainant that they would go out.

On arrival at a residence on Kimberly Lane, deputies called out with loud verbal commands to the person in the house. At first, the male would not respond to deputies. Sgt. Jarred Taylor called out “Sheriff’s Office” through a window without a windowpane and a male came towards the window and the doorway, screaming and threatening to kill the deputies on the scene. Deputies continue to give commands to the male, Nelson Adam Culver, who continued to scream at deputies. Culver then picked up a knife and stabbed the wall close to the doorway several times while telling deputies to leave him alone and that he would kill them. At the time Culver picked up the knife and made the threats, all deputies on scene had their firearms out. During the interaction with Culver, Deputy Nicole Ivey went less lethal and pulled out her Taser.

Deputies continued to give verbal commands to Culver who continued to threaten to kill the deputies. Culver came out of the door and moved forward toward deputies with a different knife in his hand ignoring verbal commands to step back.  At that time, Deputy Ivey deployed her Taser and struck Culver. Culver was then taken into custody and the scene was made safe. Culver was transported to the hospital to be medically cleared and then he was transported to the Haralson County Sheriff’s Office. Deputies collected the two knives brandished by Culver during this incident and took photographs of the scene.

Nelson Adam Culver, a 36-year-old W/M out of Bremen, Georgia is now charged with Aggravated Assault on a Peace Officer, Felony Terroristic Threats and Acts, Felony Obstruction of a Law Enforcement Officer and Obstruction.

“This is why we say that there is no such thing as a routine call. This was an eviction that was taken to a whole different level by someone who did not want to obey the court order,” states Sheriff Stacy Williams. “The actions of Nelson Culver put deputies lives in danger and could have ended up very badly for him. Thankfully, the Patrol Deputies on that scene were able to end this incident with less lethal force. Culver will now have to face the consequences of his actions.”


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