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Bowdon Middle School Possible Annexation Into City Limits

The City of Bowdon and the Carroll County School District are reportedly discussing the pros and cons of annexing Bowdon Middle School, located at 129 N Jonesville Road, into Bowdon city limits. The property is currently located in unincorporated Carroll County.

“With Bowdon Middle School not being in the city limits, the Bowdon Police Department is only responsible for what is in the city limits,” said Carroll County Assistant Superintendent Terry Jones. “So if it is annexed, then it becomes a part of their responsibility. I have to say on behalf of Bowdon, they are very good to work with and they have told me multiple times that they will cover the middle school, even if it is not in city limits.”

Annexation could also mean lower water rates for the school.

One potential con with the annexation, according to school board member Donald Nixon, is that, should a newly annexed area see a need for SPLOST dollars in the future, would the city be willing to fix the need through their own cut of SPLOST, rather than using county dollars.


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