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BOIL WATER ADVISORY (update 3:30 Thursday 2-21-19)

The Carroll County Water Authority (“CCWA”) has completed the waterline repair at the intersection of North Van Wert Road and Highway 101 that was damaged during the February 20th severe storms. Approximately 100-feet of 8-inch waterline was impacted by lightning during the storm causing water outages in the area. A boil water advisory remains in effect for this area as a precautionary measure while water quality testing is completed.

The boil water advisory is limited to CCWA customers located north of Highway 78 and City of Temple residents. Residents served by the City of Villa Rica are not affected. CCWA officials recommend that residents in the advisory area heat water to a rolling boil for at least five minutes prior to drinking, cooking or preparing baby food until further notice.

CCWA personnel will be flushing waterlines and collecting samples to assure the microbiological quality of the water in the distribution system is safe for consumption. CCWA will issue an additional press release that will be posted on CCWA’s website and provided to local media once the boil water advisory has been lifted. The most likely scenario would have the water advisory being lifted during the weekend following completion of water quality testing.

Residents in the affected area may experience lower than normal water pressure as the area’s water storage tank continues to fill and flushing continues within the distribution system.

Residents are encouraged to conserve water during this time. Residents in the affected area may also experience cloudy or milky water caused by air entrapped in the water. If viewed in a glass, the tiny air bubbles will slowly rise to the top of the water and dissipate. CCWA’s flushing in the distribution system will help alleviate this issue.


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