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BOE votes to lower millage rate

(Press Release provided by Carroll County Schools District, Public Relations)

The Carroll County Board of Education voted to lower the 2023 millage rate for Carroll County taxpayers to 17.0 mills from 17.5 mills at its August 21 board meeting. Lowering the millage rate will save the average Carroll County homeowner about $58 per year compared to leaving the millage rate at 17.5.

“We are pleased to be able to lower the millage rate again this year,” board chairman Bryant Turner said. “Property owners across the county are dealing with new assessments, and this rate decreases the burden on local taxpayers while supporting the needs of children in our community.”

This millage rate decrease is the second consecutive decrease and the fifth millage rate decrease for Carroll County taxpayers since 2011 when the rate stood at 19.6 mills.

“It is important for taxpayers to know that the state reduces the funding to Carroll County Schools when the tax digest increases, so we will be seeing a decrease in state funding over the next two years,” Turner said. “The state will also reduce our funding because we voted to lower the millage rate. That’s just the way the system works. Taking these factors into consideration is what led us to this rollback rate.”

Carroll County Schools is the 22nd largest school district in Georgia, serving over 16,000 students at 23 campuses, and is the third fastest growing among large school districts in the state. Carroll County Schools is a leader in STEM education, with 14 schools certified by the National Institute for STEM Education. Carroll County Schools empowers students to graduate ready to be enrolled, enlisted or employed and engaged in the community where they live.


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