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BOE Candidate Bill Kesckes Discusses Carroll County Schools

District Five Board of Education candidate and longtime educator, Bill Kesckes thinks the safety of our children is a top priority for the Carroll County Public School system. He offers a simple solution from his time as a teacher at Haralson High school.

“Out in front of Haralson High School, they had a little guard shack and they have a Haralson deputy and he is there the entire school day. He knows everybody that is coming and going from that school. It helped their attendance and truancy went down. He is the first line of defense,” said Kesckes, who was a recent guest on WLBB’s Community Voice program. “I know that we have 26 schools and I did some back of the napkin math and if we did a partnership with Sheriff Langley and paid for half, 26 deputies at 8 hours a day for 180 days. I’m thinking that’s about $337,000 on the school board’s part and I think our kids are worth that.”

Kesckes also believes “hardening” the school with metal detectors might be necessary for the safety of schools.

Nutritional safety is also on the mind for Kesckes. He says sugary snacks for fundraisers and vending machines do not belong in public schools.

“I see what happens to children when they have too much sugar. They are eating these donuts and candy in school. They have a sugar high and then if they eat potato chips they have a salt low. Their cognitive abilities are diminished,” said Kesckes. “Why are we doing that to our children? Our lunch program are fantastic and we are celebrating the nutritional values of lunches but we are letting the kids poison themselves before and after lunch.”

Kesckes realizes that these vending machines and bake sales throughout the year raise funds for the schools but hopes the board can find new ways for schools to gain additional funds.

Kesckes will be on the May 22nd ballot for the Carroll County Board of Education.


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