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Blood Drive Organizers Say 96 Lives Will Be Saved Because Of Recent Donations

On Saturday, March 12, 2022, The Rouse Foundation along with West Georgia Cardiology and The American Red Cross, organized a community blood drive in Carrollton, GA to help bring an end to the national blood shortage crisis. 

Approximately 96 lives will be saved, with the phenomenal 32 pints of blood donated.

We would like to highlight one of our top donors, Mr. Charles DeLay, who has been donating blood every year since 1964. He is a very friendly person and speaks highly of his wife of 56 years and four grandchildren. This year’s donation marks Mr. Delay’s 11th gallon of blood, totaling an incredible 241 lives saved! 

If you would like to help us bring an end to the national blood shortage crisis you can stay up to date with future blood drives and events at

Dr. Charlie Rouse, President and Co- Founder of TRF, Charles DeLay, Deirdre Rouse, Co-founder of TRF

The information above was provided in a media release from The Rouse Foundation


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