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Blair Drops From Carrollton City Council Race

Carrollton City Council Ward 2 candidate Ginna Blair decided on Friday to officially drop out of the race. Recently, Blair’s mother was diagnosed with late-stage cancer and has entered hospice care in Nevada. Blair decided that political office can wait and she instead will spend as much time with as possible her mother.

Blair told WLBB, “I just would not be able to dedicate my full heart and soul which I would need to for the campaign. I feel that it would be unfair to the ward for me to try to continue given that I am not sure how long I will need to be out here to help with my mother.”

Earlier this month the city asked Blair to defend her residency in ward 2 at a hearing that would have taken place today. She claims a homestead exemption for a home-based business in Carrollton’s ward 4 but has lived in ward 2 for the past seven years with her partner. She changed her voter registration this summer to reflect that residency in ward 2 and was notified a month after qualifying for the race that her candidacy was in question.

She said this is not the reason that she exited the race.

“It was going to be more challenging than just coming home to the hearing and I didn’t have a problem with that and I was thankful to the city that they were able to reschedule that. It was not being able to put my full commitment to the campaign because I would have wanted to, immediately after the hearing, come back here.”

Though she did bow out of this race she does plan on running for public office in the future whether it be a future city council race or another local office.

Blair is throwing her support behind another candidate for the Ward 2 council seat. She said Bret Ledbetter will be a good voice for the citizens of ward 2. Ledbetter is the president of Ledbetter Construction.

Ledbetter now will face off against Dr. Brent Harris for the city council seat.


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