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Bearden: Week Eight Under the Gold Dome

By: Sen. Tim Bearden (R–Carrollton)

As your State Senator, I am committed to upholding conservative values and fighting for the issues that matter most to our community including topics like job opportunity expansion and lowering taxes, to defending life and supporting law enforcement. I am honored to be appointed as a working member of several Senate Committees, including Banking & Financial Institutions; Education & Youth; Science & Technology; and Veterans, Military, & Homeland Security. I will work tirelessly to serve as your voice on Georgia’s Capitol Hill and in the halls of the Georgia State Senate.

Since being sworn in, I continued working on my individual legislative priorities. Specifically, I am proud to have voted in favor of Senate Bill 465. This bill protects Georgians by tightening regulations and imposing harsher penalties on fentanyl distributors. Combatting the epidemic of drug abuse is absolutely one of my top priorities this remaining session.

As the week progressed, legislators achieved a significant milestone with the completion of “Crossover Day” on February 29th. This day marks the deadline for all Senate bills to cross over to the House chamber and vice versa. Throughout the 2024 Legislative Session, Senate Republicans have experienced considerable success, advancing every priority defined by our caucus onto the House of Representatives. During the last few weeks which we passed several additional bills to further our work for the benefit of this state and the people of West Georgia.

SB 429: Titled the “Small Business Protection Act,” this bill would require the Georgia state government to implement measures such as requiring small business impact analyses for proposed legislation. This would help legislators make informed decisions, promote fair governance, and ensure regulatory responsiveness, ultimately benefiting both small businesses and the broader community.

SB 465: An important piece of legislation, this bill, known as “Austin’s Law” would provide for the felony offense of aggravated involuntary manslaughter. I will not stand idly by as Georgia’s citizens are targeted by illegal drug smugglers who traffic lethal drugs daily throughout our country.

SB 420: This bill would outlaw the acquisition of agricultural land by a noncitizen, specifically within a 25-mile radius of any military base, installation, or airport. By prohibiting nonresident aliens from acquiring possessory interests in agricultural land, the bill aims to protect vital agricultural assets from foreign ownership or control. Furthermore, limiting foreign ownership in such sensitive areas helps protect military infrastructure and operations from potential threats or interference.

SB 180: Titled the “Georgia Religious Freedom Restoration Act,” the bill would safeguard religious freedom from governmental interference and allow individuals to uphold the principles of religious liberty enshrined in both state and federal constitutions.

HB 1140: A critical piece of legislation within the 30th District, this House bill would provide a contiguous acre of homestead property and repeal the maximum income restrictions.

SB 347: This bill provides for an additional judge of the superior courts of the Tallapoosa Judicial Circuit. This would enhance the circuit’s efficiency, accessibility, and effectiveness, benefiting both the judiciary and the citizens it serves.


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