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Army Vet To Take On Ferguson

The first political challenger for Third District Congressman Drew Ferguson, as he seeks re-election in 2018, will be an Army veteran who says he has spent his entire adult life serving his country in Iraq, Afghanistan, Korea and Europe.
Philip Singleton of Sharpsburg now wants to continue service to his country as a US congressman. He is on the May 22nd Republican primary ballot with Ferguson.

Singleton discussed why he is running for the seat, “My biggest problem with Ferguson was that in my opinion, it was pretty clear that he was saying a lot of things about when he would get to DC and not actually do. Over and over again, he talks about the importance of a balanced budget and reducing the deficit. He talks over and over again about transparency and integrity.  All those incorrect ads about my training just to win a runoff and all the corporate money he took just to win a runoff . Being on the budget committee and not passing a balanced budget. Voting for FISA. Voting to increase our deficit by $4 trillion. A lot of stuff that just doesn’t match what he said.”

Singleton believes his military experience gives him an advantage when it comes to foreign policy: “I joined the Army on September 20th, 2001, right after 9/11. Originally I was pre-med at Georgia State, but then when September 11th happened, I felt called to serve our country. President Bush put out the call and I wanted to answer that call. I ended up serving for 15 years and did three combat tours. I led man in Afghanistan and Iraq. I was a helicopter pilot by trade. I got to see firsthand the way our foreign policy, or lack thereof,  affected the men and women of the military. I knew that we had to change the way that we viewed foreign policy. “

Singleton said he is also a proponent of term limits for congress, limiting house members to three terms and senators to two terms.


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