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Armed Robbery Suspect Identified; No Charges Expected Against Patron Who Shot Him

Police over the weekend determined that the man who was shot while allegedly attempting to rob a Villa Rica Waffle House over-night Thursday is the same man whose lifeless body was found on a Carrollton city street several hours later.

Authorities have yet to release a motive for the attempted robbery, but have identified the deceased male as 28-year old Adrian Wordlow of Bowdon.

Wordlow was a youth pastor, singer, song-writer, musician and entrepreneur, according to his Facebook page and other  reports.

According to Villa Rica Police,  at approximately 12:30 am Thursday, Wordlow entered the Waffle House on highway 61, pointed a gun at the employees and announced that he was robbing the business. A customer who was dining inside then shot Wordlow… and Wordlow fled from the restaurant.

Approximately seven hours later, a Carrollton city work crew found Wordlow’s body on Brown Street- face down. He had reportedly died as a result of that gunshot.

Villa Rica Police Captain Keith Shaddix says no charges are expected against the man who fired his weapon inside the restaurant. “Nothing in the investigation shows anything other than the customer with the gun defending the restaurant employee,” Shaddix told WLBB Radio.


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