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AP: Democrats Flip At Least One Senate Seat; Other Race Too Early To Call

The Associated Press this morning is reporting that democrats have flipped at least one seat in the U.S. Senate following Tuesday’s run-off election in the state of Georgia.

Democrats would have to win both races to take control of the Senate.

The A.P. Reports that democrat Raphael Warnock has defeated the incumbent—republican Kelly Loeffler. At the time the race was called by AP, Warnock had a lead better than 40-thousand votes with more than 98-percent of the expected total vote reporting.

In the other race… the latest report issued by the AP Wednesday morning showed democrat John Ossoff had a lead of 9,527 votes over the incumbent—republican David Perdue. That is a margin of less than 0.2 percentage points of the nearly 4.4 million votes counted.

A deeper look into the numbers locally…

In Carroll County, with all 28 precincts reporting, approximately 65-hundred less ballots were cast in the Loeffler/Warnock run-off race than were cast in the same race during the November general election. That’s still an impressive showing for a run-off, which typically attracts far less voters than the initial election.

Carroll County voters gave 68-percent of their ballots cast to Loeffler on Tuesday: 32,315 votes to Warnock’s 14,800.

Loeffler collected 20,100 votes in the so-called jungle primary special election in November.

In the Perdue/ Ossoff race, approximately 47,190 voters cast a ballot in the run-off; compared to 53,973 during the November election. Perdue collected about the same percentage of votes he did in November— about 69-percent. Ossoff had collected 29-percent of the vote in November. The other 3-percent in November went to libertarian Shane Hazel.

The majority of Haralson County voters supported the senate republican candidates as they did in November. Although, the January run-off voting numbers were down about 2-thousand compared to November.

Haralson County voters on Tuesday gave Loeffler 87-percent of their votes compared to 47-percent in the November “jungle primary” special election. They gave republican Doug Collins more than 32-percent of their votes in November.

In the Perdue/Ossoff race, Haralson county voters cast 87-percent of their ballots for the incumbent. Perdue received 10,550 votes compared to 1,610 for Ossoff.


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