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Aggravated Child Molestor Sentenced To Serve 5 Consecutive Life Sentences Followed By 60 Years Following Guilty Verdict In Coweta County

On May 19, 2022, a Coweta County Jury found Derrol Allen Grant guilty on all counts in Case No. 22-R213. Presiding Superior Court Judge Travis Sakrison described the case during sentencing as “the worst child molestation case [he had] ever seen.” He then sentenced Grant to serve five consecutive life sentences followed by sixty years for four counts of Aggravated Child Molestation, one count of Enticing a Child for Indecent Purposes, one count of Aggravated Sexual Battery, and three counts of Child Molestation.

The investigation was initiated on August 31, 2018, when the Newnan Police Department received notification that one of the child victims disclosed to a friend, who told a school counselor, that Grant had sexually abused the victim for the past six years. The investigation, which included a series of forensic interviews at Southern Crescent Child Advocacy Center, revealed that other children had witnessed some of the incidents of sexual abuse. By the time the case proceeded to trial, which had been delayed by the Covid pandemic, two additional victims of this Defendant had been identified. All three victims testified at trial.

Assistant District Attorney (ADA) Jillian Brasfield, who was 9 months pregnant, ADA Christine Caldwell, and ADA Jared Parrish, prosecuted the case. Sergeant Brandon Kline with the Newnan Police Department was the lead investigator.

District Attorney Cranford wishes to convey his immense respect for the bravery of the victims and the witnesses who had the courage to disclose this abuse and testify about it. These victims persevered through years of abuse and for another four years waiting on a trial, and they have finally received the affirmation and justice they deserve. This case shows members of our community that child victims will be taken seriously and that law enforcement and prosecutors will fight to get them justice. Just as importantly, this case should be understood by child abusers, like Grant, that the Coweta Circuit District Attorneys Office will do everything in its lawful power to hold them accountable and remove them from society.

written by Office of Herb Cranford, Coweta Judicial Circuit District Attorney


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