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11/03/20 Election Night Recap

Both Carroll and Haralson counties give the majority of their votes to Donald Trump over Joe Biden in the presidential race Tuesday— although the state wide numbers had not been counted by Wednesday morning.

In Haralson County, Interim-Magistrate Judge Jason Blackmon will take over that role full-time beginning in 2021 as he won outright a special election three-man race to replace long time judge Brandon Heath who resigned a short time after being re-elected in 2020…

Haralson county voters also voting in favor of continuing the county’s Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax benefiting the county’s two school districts.

The Haralson County Schools’ District plans to put their collected funds towards a number of items including security at the high school and a new college and career academy.

Bremen City Schools plans to use their collected funds to update and/or replace portions of the high school.

Bremen city voters also allow for the Bremen school district to sell bonds ahead of the tax collections in order to start that project sooner.

Drew Ferguson takes approximately two-thirds of the vote in the 13-county Third U-S District to defeat democrat Val Almonord.

Marjorie Taylor Greene claims the District 14 U-S House seat after defeating the democrat who dropped out of the race, Kevin Van Ausdal—with approximately three quarters of the vote. Greene takes over the seat previously held by Tom Graves.

State senate majority leader, District 30 State Senator Mike Dugan defeated democratic challenger Montenia Edwards. Dugan taking a little more than 2-thirds of the total votes.

Jason Anavitarte is the new district 31 state senator after defeating democrat Tianna Smith by approximately 39-thousand votes. Anivitarte takes over the seat previously held by Bill Health.

District 16 state house rep Trey Kelley defeats democratic challenger Lyndsay Arrendale by collecting 18-thousand of the 23-thousand votes cast in the district.

Tyler Paul Smith collects approximately 3-quarters of the votes to win the district 18 state house seat over Pat Rhudy. Smith takes over the seat previously held by Kevin Cooke.

Micah Gravley holds on to his district 67 state house seat.

District 69 state house representative Randy Nix defeats democratic challenger Herbert Giles with almost 80-percent of the total vote.

More than 54-thousand of Carroll County’s approximately 80-thousand registered voters cast ballots in this general election. The vast majority doing so early or through mail in ballots.

More than 14-thousand of Haralson County’s 20,667 active voters cast ballots in this election. Close to 95-hundred of those did so either by mail or early voting


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